If you think of life as an unfinished book, then retirement may be one of your most exciting chapters. Imagine where you’ll be and what you’ll do when you retire. Will you travel far and wide or will you embrace another calling? Will you relax in a life of leisure or will you pursue your favorite hobby? CBF Church Benefits has selected a series of tools to help you navigate these waters with a little bit more ease.



  • Retirement Planner Calculator - Determine if your savings are on track for retirement. If not, estimate how much you may need to save each year to reach your goal
  • Retirement Plan Contribution - You want to save for retirement, but you aren't sure you can afford to. You may be surprised to see the impact that contributing to your plan can potentially have on your retirement income without taking a big bite out of your paycheck
  • Contribution Planner -  This easy-to-use calculator can help you compare how different contribution rates may impact your paycheck today — while working to improve your retirement outlook
  • Social Security Income Planner- This calculator can help you estimate your Social Security benefits when you retire
  • Projected Retirement Expenses - Calculate expected retirement income based on all your retirement savings in individual categories.
  • Loan Planner - Thinking of taking a loan from your retirement plan? Before you do, you should check out the true costs of such a loan with this calculator