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Introducción a los Beneficios de la Iglesia (CBB)

Conozca acerca de los Beneficios de la Iglesia (CBB) he inicie su plan de ahorros para su jubilación. Invirtiendo en su futuro podrá disfrutar de esos años de jubilación soñados. Conozca nuestros seguros de Vida y Discapacitación los cuales le brindaran tranquilidad de vida a usted y su familia.

Church Benefits 2021 Report

Listen to Rob Fox, CBB president, offer his report to the CBF Assembly 2021.

Church Benefits 2020 Report

Listen to Rob Fox, CBB president, offer his report to the CBF Assembly 2020 regarding CBB’s commitments to lower fees, better service, and leveraging economies of scale for the future.


Ministerial Compensation

Learn about the components of a well-rounded clergy compensation and benefits plan as well as the basics of clergy tax issues.

Empower Retirement

It's easy to understand the need to save for retirement but knowing how much to save and which ways to save, that's a little harder. The Empower website experience puts retirement in simple terms for you.

Programs That Help You Take Care of Your Family

Church Benefits Board offers financial security with our retirement plan, life insurance, disability insurance and death benefits, as well as competitive medical insurance which could save you money. All of our plans are not only competitive, they often set the coverage standards for church life. Learn more on our insurance page

Why Church Benefits?

The Parks are Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel serving among the Roma community in Košice, Slovakia and surrounding areas. The Parks represent dozens of field personnel families who partner with CBF Church Benefits. Watch this short video to learn how Jon and Tanya engage CBF Church Benefits to help invest and insure their ministry.