Church Benefits Board Benefits Book

As you review the fourth edition of Church Benefits Board’s Benefits Book, you will discover a multitude of tools and services designed with you in mind. We especially encourage you to explore these three items this season:

Build a Financial Plan….

Did you know that Church Benefits Board (CBB) offers every participant the opportunity to create a comprehensive financial plan with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at Empower Retirement, free-of-charge? Learn more about completing your financial plan at As an incentive for our ordained participants, CBB will apply $500 to your retirement account when you complete a financial plan. It’s a small, grant-funded way we can invest in your future.

Seek Financial Advice….

Church Benefits Board also offers every participant the opportunity to visit with qualified financial advisors who are licensed with FINRA and state securities commissions. You can learn more about innovative financial wellness tools, debt solutions, and the opportunity to roll in other 403(b), 401(k), and investments to simplify your finances. Learn more at

Explore Financial Wellness….

Finally, Church Benefits Board offers ministers the opportunity to receive financial relief grants, participate in financial education experiences, access financial planning services, and utilize financial wellness packages through the new Financial Wellness Initiative. Learn more at