Comprehensive Financial Planning

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CBF Church Benefits Board (CBB) participants may now build a comprehensive financial plan with a certified financial planning professional at Empower Retirement, free-of-charge.

In addition, ordained ministers and missionaries can receive up to $500 per participant towards their retirement account with CBB when they develop a financial plan with Empower Retirement. CBB is providing this financial planning incentive to ministers and missionaries through generous grant support. Our goal is to encourage ordained participants to improve their financial wellness through building a financial plan.

Call Empower at 833.301.9355

How the financial planning process works:

You may schedule your financial planning appointment online, or call directly to schedule your appointment at 833.301.9355. The financial planning process takes place over three phone calls. You will need access to both your phone and a computer during the three phone calls. If you are married, we encourage you to invite your spouse to also attend these planning calls with you.


During your first phone call, your dedicated financial planner at Empower Retirement will get to know you and will explore your needs, wants, and wishes related to financial planning. Your financial planner will then collect necessary data and information and begin to develop a personalized plan.


During your second phone call, your financial planner will review the initial data and information. You will then have the opportunity on this call to offer additional information, or make any corrections, to assist with the financial planning process.


During the third phone call, your financial planner will present your financial plan via an online presentation. You will be have access through a secure portal to review and update your financial plan online. Your financial planner will remain available to review your financial plan on an annual basis, as requested, and is available throughout the year for questions and advice.

Again, CBB provides this financial planning service free-of-charge for all active participants. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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