CBF Church Benefits is committed to helping you and your church navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace. Church Benefits has gathered various sources of educational material, videos and links that will help you through the process.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a way for individuals and small employers to find affordable coverage. You will be able to compare plans all in one place based on coverage, quality, and price. The Marketplace will determine if you qualify for lower cost and assistance with your out of pocket expenses. You can also find out if you are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program). The Marketplace offers health insurance plans through private companies and no provider can turn you down or charge you a different price because of an illness or preexisting condition.

The links below will automatically direct you to the Health Insurance Marketplace based on your interest. We hope that this information will assist your decision making process and provide you with a deeper understanding of the law.

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Below are several resources for you as you research your health plan options:


  • Instantly compare premiums for health exchange plans at the HealthSherpa website. This tool will allow you to search health plans available in your area to compare cost based on your age, income and family size.
  • The information provided is for research purposes. Make sure to verify premiums and subsidies on your state exchange or, or directly with the insurance company or an agent.



  • CBB partners with eHealth to assist members with quality, affordable health insurance and Medicare plans.
  • eHealth partners with over 180 top insurers to help individuals, families, and businesses with health, dental, and vision options.
  • eHealth Medicare assists individuals with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Prescription Drug Part D plans.


Medicaid & CHIP Coverage


SHOP: Health insurance for small businesses

  • There’s no limited enrollment period for small businesses to enroll in SHOP coverage for their employees. You can apply any time.