Helping to protect employees against worst-case scenarios is not only smart, but also a caring and responsible thing to do. The Hartford can help meet the needs of all types of businesses and their employees with dependent group life programs and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.


The Hartford offers an industry-leading group life insurance product which includes the following features:

  • Our Enhanced Continuity of Coverage Clause that prevents employees from being stranded without coverage on our policy transfer date – even if they’re not actively at work on that day.
  • Our Living Benefit Option that accelerates the benefits of terminally ill employees or dependents up to $500,000.
  • Our No Interruption in Premium Waiver Elimination Period for employees who attempt to return to work for up to five days.
  • Our Portability Option and Conversion is offered with our life insurance product. Employees who leave their company, or are under other qualifying conditions, can take all or a portion of their coverage with them.
  • A variety of programs that give employees access to online tools and services that can help guide them through major life decisions, such as creating a will and funeral planning.

Highlights related to Group Life Insurance


Accidents don’t just happen to employees in dangerous jobs; they can happen to anyone. So it makes sense to offer employees protection with AD&D coverage from The Hartford. These are just some of the features included in our coverage:

  • Protection for children, spouses and employees against losses from unforeseen covered accidents.
  • Twenty-four-hour accident coverage that can be combined with your Group Life offering or purchased as a stand-alone product.
  • A valuable package of riders offering important additional coverages.
  • An array of optional benefits that allow for a customized experience.

Highlights related to Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance


Our Long-Term Disability Insurance product is carefully designed to emphasize ability, not limitations. It helps address an employee’s need for a secure income with a business’ need for the best possible work outcome.

  • The way we define disability can help employees avoid a loss in earnings, with a 100% return to work incentive formula.
  • Ability Assist® is a value-added service designed to help provide employees with emotional, legal, and financial guidance and make it easier for them to focus on their recovery.
  • A rehabilitation program that offers vocational and job placement services, as well as work-related guidance and resources.

Highlights on Long-term Disability Insurance


During life’s most trying times, understanding one’s options and choosing the best direction can be very difficult. End-of-life decisions, financial matters, insurance needs, and planning for the loss of a loved one may be easier with the help of experienced and compassionate professionals.


The Hartford Life Essentials Funeral Concierge

The Hartford offers a suite of online tools that can help guide employees through important decisions before a loss, including detailed local funeral home price comparisons, 24/7 assistance with funeral planning, and the only nationwide database of funeral home prices. After a loss, this service includes family advocacy and professional negotiation of funeral prices with local providers, which often results in significant financial savings. In addition, Express Pay is offered to expedite claims payments and deliver benefits in as little as 48 hours. Funeral Planning and Concierge Services are included with our Life coverage.

The Hartford Life Essentials EstateGuidance®

The Hartford helps employees protect their family’s future by creating a customized and legally binding online will using a simple but comprehensive online questionnaire. EstateGuidance also provides an online education center and support from a licensed attorney. Additional services include creating living wills and trusts along with guidance about divorce proceedings and durable power of attorney. This is included with our Life coverage.

The Hartford Life Essentials Beneficiary Assist® (Help for Those Coping With a Loss)

The Hartford provides expert support to help employees or their loved ones cope with the emotional, financial, and legal issues that arise after a loss. This also includes 24/7-unlimited phone contact with professionals, as well as five face-to-face sessions that help with topics such as grief and loss, job pressures, stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship/marital conflicts. Beneficiary Assist is included with our Life and Accident coverages.

The Hartford Life Essentials Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection Service

The Hartford provides pre-trip information that helps employees feel safe and secure while traveling. It also provides access to medical professionals across the globe when traveling 100+ miles away from home for 90 days or fewer. In addition, ID theft protection is available 24/7 whether home or away. ID theft protection offers educational materials on how to prevent identity theft and access to caseworkers who can help victims resolve problems that result from it. Travel Assistance & ID Theft Protection is included with our Life, Accident, and Long-term Disability coverage.


We know that employees feel vulnerable after a disabling event. That’s why we offer access to the following professional resources to support their recovery:

Ability Assist® Counseling Services

Employees enrolled in our Group Disability plan can receive professional counseling for financial, legal and emotional issues. Services are also available to spouses and dependent children and can include guidance from highly trained master’s and doctoral level clinicians to help deal with job pressures, relationship and marital conflicts, stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Ability Assist counseling is included with our Long-term disability coverage.


Employees enrolled in a Group Disability plan from The Hartford receive unlimited access to Benefit Specialists and nurses for administrative and clinical support to address medical care and concerns about claims. Services include claim and billing support, explanation of benefits, cost estimates/fee negotiation, information related to medical conditions and available treatments, one-on-one review of their health concerns, and support to help prepare for medical visits. HealthChampion is included with our Long-term disability coverage.

Information for administrators:


Policy Name: Church Benefits Board

Phone #: 1-888-563-1124

Mail forms to:
The Hartford
Group Life Claims
P. O. Box 14299
Lexington, KY 40512-4299

LTD Claims Information:

Policy Name: Church Benefits Board

Phone #: 1-800-549-6514

Mail forms to:
The Hartford
Attn: Group LTD Claims
P.O. Box 1430 2
Lexington, KY. 40512-4302